Dimitrios’ Piroski

Dimitrios, creator of @the_original_greek, shares his family recipe for piroski. These delights have their culinary roots in eastern Europe. They are part of Dimitrios’ culinary heritage by way of his pappou, a Pontian Greek who resided in Odessa, Ukraine, until he fled to Greece to find safety. In Greece, these piroski became part of a […]

Eleni’s Cypriot Sour Trahana Soup

For this Meri Month of May recipe we visited our cousins in Cyprus and learned how to make sour trahana and also the much-loved Cypriot Sour Trahana Soup! The EVER-AMAZING Eleni Georges @myfamilysfooddiary takes us step-by-step through both processes, with handy hints along the way! It’s a gorgeous soup, it is reminiscent of a tangy avgolemo soup, […]

Eleni’s Anarotourta (Ricotta, Honey and Fillo Cake)

Eleni from @myfamilysfooddiary has graciously shared her recipe for Anarotourta for Meri Month of May. A layered dessert of cinnamon-spiced, crispy, golden-brown fillo flakes that sandwich honey-sweetened ricotta. How tempting does that sound? This is a traditional Cypriot-Greek dessert and is one of Eleni’s favourite childhood sweets. As a young girl, whenever Eleni was invited to a […]

Victoria’s Badzina (Zucchini Pie)

Badzina from Trikala, Thessalia, Greece, is a recipe generously shared with us by Victoria @cucina_victoria. Victoria is Melbourne born, with Greek heritage. She is currently living in Italy, with her husband, whose paternal heritage is Italian. Victoria draws on her Greek culinary heritage and her Italian location to create beautiful Mediterranean fare – so do follow her. Her […]

Vasiliki’s Karpouzopita (Watermelon Pie)

This recipe for Karpouzopita – Watermelon Pie comes from Vasiliki, from O Palaios, a renowned zaharoplasteio (patisserie) in the town of Plaka on the cycladic island of Milos. Vasikili makes and serves countless Karpouzopites, at her zaharoplasteio in Milos each summer, and she has beyond perfected it: sweet bursts of juicy, rosy watermelon; crunchy, nutty […]

Eleni’s Yemista

Eleni’s love for yemista goes way back; back to her childhood. It was one of her absolute favourite dishes growing up (along with chicken soup with avgolemono). She loved yemista so much she wanted to learn how to make them, but she also needed to learn how to make them. Her parents worked long hours […]

Eleni’s Sheftalies

Eleni’s passion for cooking was ignited as a young girl watching her mother and her nine aunts, all sisters, cooking together and preparing family feasts. Eleni witnessed the joy of cooking, companionship and collective creativity, as she watched these women working together. The food they then shared was infused with all these memories; memories that […]