Vasiliki’s Karydopita – Greek Walnut and Syrup Cake Recipe

The @grecianpurveyor William, has generously shared his mum, Vasiliki’s Karydopita – Vasiliki’s Walnut Cake – a recipe that comes to you directly from Kalpaki, Ioannina, Epirus Greece. This is William’s favourite Greek sweet. In fact, whenever William returns to his family in Greece, a feast of his favourite foods await – Kouneli Stifado (rabbit stew) and […]

Sofia’s Greek Zakynthian Stuffed Artichoke Recipe

Sofia’s recipe of Stuffed Zakynthian Artichokes is shared by her daughter-in-law Kat of @mulberry_pomegranate. This recipe forms part of the rich culinary heritage that Sofia brought with her to Australia from her beloved Zakynthos. It is one of many of Sofia’s recipes that Kat has lovingly documented and shared on her blog “Mulberry Pomegranate”. Kat […]

Kali Orexi’s Lahanodolmades – Greek Beef-Stuffed Cabbage Leaves Baked in Red Sauce Recipe

I am sharing with you my beautiful recipe of Lahanodolmades – Stuffed Cabbage Leaves. Traditionally lahanodolmades are boiled and then dressed with an avgolemono (egg-lemon) sauce. These lahanodolmades are a little different – they are baked in a light tomato sauce. I was introduced to this method by Toula, who also shares her beautiful Spring […]

Greek Amigdalota Tis Haras – Pear-Shaped Almond Macaroons of Joy Recipe

A recipe from Kefalonia shared my Melpomeni from @melpomeni.matthews A beautiful almond treat that is traditionally made in Kefalonia during times of celebration. Flavoured with orange zest and almond extract; and shaped into little pears, these nutty delights are a joy to behold and enjoy! Thank you Melpomeni for generously sharing your beautiful recipe with […]

Greek Sea You In Santorini Cocktail Recipe

A cocktail created by Vicky Kapourelakos @victorias.vibes @victorias.vibes has created a cocktail to mark the end of this fabulous foodie month… and a return to a more normal, itinerant life! Vicky take it away… “When I created this cocktail, I drew my inspiration from the endless expanse of shimmering blue waters that awaits visitors to the […]

Jess’ Greek Semolina Halva Pudding with Walnuts Recipe

@jesswhoamamma has generously shared with us her Semolina Halva – a spiced semolina halva, generously dotted with chopped walnuts. It’s vegan friendly and easy to prepare! Take it away Jess… “This recipe is inspired by two of my absolute favourite and inspiring kitchen mentors: my late Yiayia Maritsa and the beautiful Kathy Tsaples. My late […]

Kathy’s Greek Stuffed Onions with White Sauce Recipe

Kathy’s recipe for Stuffed Onions with White Sauce represents the ongoing evolution of the Greek cuisine, which mirrors the journeys and influences of its makers. Kathy used her mother-in-law’s stuffed onion recipe as the base for this dish and heightened it with the addition of ground pimento and cinnamon in the meat filling. Rather than […]

Victoria’s Papoutsakia – Greek Stuffed Eggplant with Feta Recipe

A recipe from @cucina_victoria Victoria from @cucina_victoria has generously shared a beautiful variation of Papoutstakia – Stuffed Eggplants! Papoutsakia means “little shoes” in Greeks and these little shoes are filled with lots of deliciousness before being sprinkled with feta and baked. Victoria is Melbourne born, with Greek heritage, and currently living on the island of San […]

Ruth’s Vegetarian Greek Feta-Stuffed Baby Peppers Recipe

From Ruth’s cookbook Hellenic Kanella These are baby peppers (also known as vine peppers) stuffed with feta and herbs. A great little appetiser to serve with a glass of ouzo when you’re entertaining or just because! Ruth offers the Kefalonian option of squeezing the juice of one lemon over the peppers before baking them – […]

Maria Fotiadou’s Stuffed Greek Zucchini with Beef and Pork Recipe

A recipe from the super-cook Maria Fotiadou – who spices up her drool-worthy social media posts with some refreshing irreverence!   Maria @fotiadism is one of THE BEST Greek cooks I have found on Instagram. Her food is always drool-worthy and her posts always make me chuckle – as she shares the trials and tribulations of marriage […]

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