Welcome to Kali Orexi

Sharing our Greek culinary heritage through video and stories.

How Kali Orexi began…

It all started when Christine (the founder of Kali Orexi) offered some of her mum’s Antigoni’s ntomatofai (tomato-eat dish) to her friend Sara. Sara enjoyed the ntomatofai so much, she asked if her mum would teach her how to make it, so they ended organising a cooking lesson. One thing led to another and today Kali Orexi has become a platform to help preserve our Greek culinary heritage alive for our generation and for future generations to come.

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Latest Video Recipes

Mario & Chrisanthi’s Spetsofai

Mario and Chrisanthi Michael are the creators of Greek Time – an online foodie website offering high-quality Greek food that saves you the time and effort of preparation.

Mario’s heritage is Cypriot Greek and Chrisanthi’s is Greek. This much-loved family dish of Spetsofai with Pastourma Sausages fuses both culinary heritages in the most delicious way!

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Fofi’s Kremidopita (Onion Pie)

This luscious Kremidopita is a treasured family recipe from the family of Ladi Biosas hailing from mountainous Messenia in the Peloponnese! You can get Ladi Biosas online from the Grecian Purveyor.

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Ros’ Katoumari

Katoumari is the “Queen of all Kazzie Sweets”! It’s a most revered celebration sweet, from the island of Kastellorizo, that is made for special occasions such as weddings, engagements and christenings – celebrations that are called Chares (‘Joys’) in Greek. 

Warm, flakey, butter-laden layers of pan-fried fillo pastry are sprinkled generously with sugar and ground cloves and are served to celebrate “Chares” in Kastellorizo and across the globe by the Kazzie diaspora. 

Wonderful Ros Kazacos expertly takes us step by step through the process of making this sweet. Watch the full video on YouTube and make this decadent and delicious Kazzie sweet now to celebrate life!!!

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Meet Christine, our founder

I was born in Melbourne, Australia to Greek parents in 1966. Both of my parents originate from Kastraki, Greece, a village nestled amongst the majestic rocks of Meteora. My mother, Antigoni, is a great cook and is well known amongst our family and friends for her many signature dishes. Over the years, she has taught me many of her recipes, but there are still more to learn!

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