Meri Month of May

During the month of May, I ran a social media campaign called the “Meri Month of May.” Meri in Greek means “region.” People often say when talking about food, traditions, anything from their region of Greece << είναι από τα μέρη μας>> (ine apo ta MERI mas) meaning “That’s from our REGION”!

Each day during the entire month of May, I posted unique regional Greek dishes to the Kali Orexi social media platforms. The dishes were divided into 4 categories and each week I focused on one of the categories. Some of the recipes were shared by my beautiful Greek-Melbourne co-bloggers; some were shared by members of the Hellenic diaspora around the world; and some were my family recipes.

It was a celebration of both the incredible depth and breadth of Greek cuisine and the unity of the global Hellenic community.