Foti’s Karkaletso

Karkaletso originates from Argos Orestiko in the region of Kastoria in Greece; a region that borders the Balkans. The proximity of Kastoria to the Balkans is reflected in one of the key ingredients in this dish, sauerkraut! The sauerkraut, which adds a moreish texture and zing to this dish, combines beautifully with juicy chicken thighs […]

Vikki’s Dakos Salad

KO’s very first Food X Art video features contemporary jeweller Vikki Kassioras sharing a family recipe; a simple and delicious Dakos Salad and immediately following she shares the story of her creative journey. She reflects on how she came to be a jewellery artist; the inspirations for her work, her cultural identity and how it has informed her work… […]

Dimitra’s Kourabiethes

Dimitra’s kourabiethes have the perfect balance of butteriness and crumbliness, and along with beautiful bursts of roasted almonds and a very generous coating of icing sugar, they will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. They are usually made for Christmas and Easter as a treat to share with family and friends, but they are so good, […]

Nicholaos’ Artichokes with Broad Beans

Nicholaos Kondelos‘ love of cooking was inspired by his mother. As a young boy he watched her closely as she prepared the family meals and her recipes have remained with him since. Now it’s your turn to watch Nicholaos prepare one of his favourite spring dishes – Artichokes with Broad Beans – and learn about […]

Pam’s Taramosalata

Kali Orexi’s make-up artist, Pam Prokos shares her mum’s recipe for Taramosalata – caviar dip. Pam shares all the tricks and tips to making this dip, which has rightfully become a ‘cult favourite’ at her family’s functions. Watch now and learn how to make this fabulous crowd pleaser for your celebrations too!   Taramosalata is […]

Foti’s Lamb Fricassee

Lamb Fricassée is a dish whose aroma and taste returns Foti, our special KO guest, to his childhood years – he is back sitting in the kitchen watching his mother lovingly prepare one of her special recipes for the family and trying his best to absorb the entire experience – the preparation, the cooking and […]

Theo’s Prawn Saganaki

KO celebrates the last days of summer with Theo’s Prawn Saganaki – a simple dish of juicy prawns, enveloped in a gorgeous tomato sauce and creamy, salty feta cheese. Theo adds a touch of Greece to this dish with the addition of authentic Greek ingredients – one of which he has personally sourced! Watch now and learn how to make […]

Sofia’s Vasilopita (New Year’s Day Cake)

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that every child gets excited when the Vasilopita is sliced and shared at the stroke of midnight or later on New Years Day; and is hoping beyond all hope, that they are the lucky ones to find the coin in their slice of cake and then enjoy […]

Christina’s Vegetarian Moussaka

Christina’s Vegetarian Moussaka is truly a labour of love – in two ways – it’s a recipe requiring lengthy preparation and a recipe that signifies the love and admiration shared between two friends – Christina and Jacqui. Greeks are known for showing their love and appreciation of family and friends, by preparing and sharing their […]

Vasiliki’s Galatopita (Milk Pie)

This KO Signature Recipe features Vasiliki, Rita’s mum, making another one of her signature desserts, Galatopita. This is a dessert Vasiliki grew up enjoying in Kastraki, where her mother and sisters made it with sheep’s milk from their family’s farm. Vasiliki’s mother-in-law taught her how to make galatopita when she came to Australia, as a […]