Vikki’s Haricot Bean and Barley Rusk Salad Recipe

Vikki Kassioras was a chef before following her creative calling in contemporary jewellery, so it’s no surprise Vikki is very creative with her cooking too. This recipe, created by Vikki, is a delicious fusion of her culinary influences, which is seasoned with a generous pinch of ‘Hellenic Inspiration.’ It’s a gorgeous salad, perfect for the last lingering […]

Vikki’s Cretan Dakos Salad – Greek Barley Rusk, Tomato and Feta Salad Recipe

KO’s very first Food X Art video features contemporary jeweller Vikki Kassioras sharing a family recipe; a simple and delicious Dakos Salad and immediately following she shares the story of her creative journey. She reflects on how she came to be a jewellery artist; the inspirations for her work, her cultural identity and how it has informed her work… […]

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