Greek Grain Salad Recipe | Cypriot style with Blackcurrant and Pomegranate

Original recipe by George Calombaris This Cypriot Grain Salad, originally by George Calombaris, has featured at our Christmas table for the last 12-15 years. When I first started making it, the children were very young and time was always of the essence – so I took a few short cuts and I also did a […]

Theodora’s Greek Apple, Nut and Trahana Scrolls Recipe

This recipe has been shared by Theodora @polly_forager for the Meri Month of May. Theodora shares it’s story here… “My Theia Eleni (Lenio) was very unique. Unfettered, chatty and extremely lively. I relished meeting up with her in our village, on late Summer afternoons on her balcony overlooking the Aliakmona river. Sipping Greek coffee with her whilst […]

Maria’s Tanomenos Sourvas – Pontian-Greek Yoghurt & Barley Soup Recipe

Tanomenos Sourvas is a Pontian Yoghurt and Barley Soup. This family recipe comes from Maria Tsalkos @magicalsunsettours, whose maternal and paternal heritage is Pontian Greek. The first time Maria had this soup, was at the age of 6 years, in her maternal grandmother’s home in the village of Promachonas, Serres, Greece. She remembers taking her first spoonful and […]

Kali Orexi’s Greek Barbecued Chicken Hearts Recipe

Barbecued chicken hearts are a favourite appetiser for me and 5/6 in my family! These were prepared and grilled by Eugene. They were seasoned with sea salt, dried oregano, cracked black pepper and extra virgin olive oil before being barbecued. A squeeze of lemon juice is always a good option! Growing up, my mum would […]

Eleni’s Cypriot Anarotourta – Greek Ricotta, Honey and Fillo Cake Recipe

Eleni from @myfamilysfooddiary has graciously shared her recipe for Anarotourta for Meri Month of May. A layered dessert of cinnamon-spiced, crispy, golden-brown fillo flakes that sandwich honey-sweetened ricotta. How tempting does that sound? This is a traditional Cypriot-Greek dessert and is one of Eleni’s favourite childhood sweets. As a young girl, whenever Eleni was invited to a […]

Mario and Chrisanthi’s Spetsofai – Greek Sausage and Capsicum Casserole Recipe

Mario and Chrisanthi Michael are the creators of Greek Time – an online foodie website offering high-quality Greek food that saves you the time and effort of preparation. Mario’s heritage is Cypriot Greek and Chrisanthi’s is Greek. This much-loved family dish of Spetsofai with Pastourma Sausages fuses both culinary heritages in the most delicious way! […]

Mary’s Cypriot Orange Semolina Cake Recipe

Mary’s aunt in Cyprus shared this recipe with her many years ago. Finding herself with more time at home, due to safe social spacing, Mary has been working through her recipe books bringing to life some of these buried treasures! All photographs supplied by @candlesbynikoletta Click here for “how to” on Instagram highlights. A deliciously moist orange […]

Stella’s Yemista – Greek Peppers Stuffed with Rice, Pine Nuts, Currants & Herbs Recipe

This is a beautiful family recipe of yellow capsicum filled with so much goodness and bursting with so much yumminess. It’s my mother-in-law’s recipe with a few tweaks from me to amp up the flavour. Herby, sweet and nutty – there’s a whole lottta good goin’ on!!!! My mother-in-law usually cooks them on the stove […]

Kali Orexi’s Fasolia Fornou Plaki – Greek Baked Beans Recipe

These Greek Baked Beans are so delicious, so luscious and so good for you! Traditionally lima beans ‘gigantes’ are used in this dish, but I decided to use the humble cannellini bean instead. Why you ask? Two reasons… One, because my mum’s bean soup recipe (KO’s Fasolada) uses exactly the same ingredients as this dish […]

Stella’s Kolokithokeftedes – Greek Zucchini Fritters Recipe with crumbled Feta

My parents-in-law were born and raised as Greeks in Constantinople/Istanbul or as they call it I Poli – ‘The City.’ Living in a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city and immersed in the cuisines of many, influenced their kitchen and that of others residing there. This never-ending fusion of many co-existing cuisines over aeons has been termed politiki […]

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