KO’s Best Ever Tzatziki

This is a very simple tzatziki recipe, but all the ingredients and their preparation have been well considered to give the best eating experience. Rather than peeling, grating and squeezing the fluids from the cucumber, as is often done for tzatziki, we prefer to keep the skin on the cucumber and then dice it. We […]

KO’s Fakes (Lentil Soup)

This KO Video Recipe features – Fakes (pronounced phonetically) – Lentil Soup. This recipe is one that was passed down to Christine from her mother, Antigoni, 28 years ago, when Christine first moved out of home and she has continued to make it ever since. Recently, Christine taught her 18-year-old son, Andreas, how to make […]

KO’s Greek Easter Eggs

Most children of Greek heritage would say that their favourite Greek Easter tradition is the ‘egg cracking’ or tsougrisma. After midnight mass on Easter Saturday, everyone returns home to a feast and then a ‘battle’ between dyed Easter eggs begins. Everyone carefully selects an egg and gently (or not so gently) taps the end of […]

KO’s Greek Salad

While there are many variations on Greek salad, KO’s Greek Salad is a simple one with only a few key ingredients – lots of fresh, ripe tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red onion and feta cheese. The salad is dressed with a generous serve of extra virgin olive oil which combines beautifully with the aromatic juices […]