Vasiliki’s Karpouzopita (Watermelon Pie)

This recipe for Karpouzopita – Watermelon Pie comes from Vasiliki, from O Palaios, a renowned zaharoplasteio (patisserie) in the town of Plaka on the cycladic island of Milos. Vasikili makes and serves countless Karpouzopites, at her zaharoplasteio in Milos each summer, and she has beyond perfected it: sweet bursts of juicy, rosy watermelon; crunchy, nutty […]

Eugene’s Barbecued Octopus

When we entertain at home, my partner Eugene always prepares the seafood starters. He is well known for his snapper ceviche; his garlic, chilli and coriander prawns; and his barbecued octopus! Eugene’s barbecued octopus is charred and succulent, and bathed in a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, finely chopped garlic, aromatic dried oregano and the absolute flavour bomb… smoked sea […]

William’s Kouneli Stifado (Rabbit & Onion Stew)

William’s Kouneli Stifado (Rabbit Stew) is a family recipe; a recipe emanating from Ioannina, Greece; a recipe that both his mother and aunt prepare and one that is William’s all-time favourite dish.  To prepare this recipe, we used some beautiful ingredients from the Grecian Purveyor, William’s online store. These carefully sourced ingredients elevate this dish […]

Foti’s Karkaletso

Karkaletso originates from Argos Orestiko in the region of Kastoria in Greece; a region that borders the Balkans. The proximity of Kastoria to the Balkans is reflected in one of the key ingredients in this dish, sauerkraut! The sauerkraut, which adds a moreish texture and zing to this dish, combines beautifully with juicy chicken thighs […]

Vikki’s Haricot Bean and Barley Rusk Salad

Vikki Kassioras was a chef before following her creative calling in contemporary jewellery, so it’s no surprise Vikki is very creative with her cooking too. This recipe, created by Vikki, is a delicious fusion of her culinary influences, which is seasoned with a generous pinch of ‘Hellenic Inspiration.’ It’s a gorgeous salad, perfect for the last lingering […]

KO’s Spiced Meatballs with Baby Eggplants

Spiced Meatballs with Baby Eggplants is a recipe interpreted from a delicious dish we had at our favourite lunch spot in Athens – Diporto. Kyrio Dimitri has been working and cooking at Diporto since 1957, from 13 years of age. He cooks real food with love, understanding and lots of olive oil. He can be […]