William’s Kassiopita – Greek Flour Pie with Feta Recipe

Kassiopita is a simple pie made from mostly pantry staples – flour, eggs, milk and feta. Prepare it for an easy lunch or light dinner, and serve it with a rustic Greek salad. Kassiopita is perfect for sopping up all the delicious salad juices!

William’s Kouneli Stifado – Greek Rabbit & Shallot Stew Recipe

William’s Kouneli Stifado (Rabbit Stew) is a family recipe; a recipe emanating from Ioannina, Greece; a recipe that both his mother and aunt prepare and one that is William’s all-time favourite dish.  To prepare this recipe, we used some beautiful ingredients from the Grecian Purveyor, William’s online store. These carefully sourced ingredients elevate this dish […]

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