Foti’s Karkaletso – Greek Chicken, Sauerkraut and Rice Recipe

Karkaletso originates from Argos Orestiko in the region of Kastoria in Greece; a region that borders the Balkans. The proximity of Kastoria to the Balkans is reflected in one of the key ingredients in this dish, sauerkraut! The sauerkraut, which adds a moreish texture and zing to this dish, combines beautifully with juicy chicken thighs […]

Foti’s Lamb Fricassée – Greek Braised Lamb Recipe with Endives and Egg-Lemon Wash

Lamb Fricassée is a dish whose aroma and taste returns Foti, our special KO guest, to his childhood years – he is back sitting in the kitchen watching his mother lovingly prepare one of her special recipes for the family and trying his best to absorb the entire experience – the preparation, the cooking and […]

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