Maria’s Savoro

This is the second instalment of our two ‘IPS Centenary video-recipes and interviews’. In this video, Maria Dellas presents Savoro, a unique Ithacan fish dish of fried silver-whiting dressed with a blackcurrant, rosemary, garlic and malt vinegar sauce – a texture and flavour combination that is truly drool-worthy! Fish have always been a staple of […]

Peter’s Rizo-Rovani

A sticky and sweet rice dessert from the Greek island of Ithaca. This is our first installment of our two ‘IPS Centenary video-recipes and interviews’. In this video, Peter Paxinos presents the highly-revered Ithacan sweet – Rizo-Rovani. This recipe requires time and patience – but if you have both, you will be amply rewarded by […]

Vasiliki’s Baklava

Vasiliki, Rita’s mum, shares one of her signature desserts, baklava. This recipe is a seriously tried and tested one, as Vasiliki has been making it an average of 20-25 times per year for around 40 years! Vasiliki’s family and friends love her baklava for its perfect balance of pastry, nuts, spice and syrup. It is […]

Maria’s Dolmadakia

This video features Maria preparing her much-loved dolmadakia. Maria’s recipe is bursting with green goodness – freshly picked vine leaves filled with spring onions, dill, mint, parsley, zucchini, cos lettuce and nature’s green health elixir – Greek extra virgin olive oil! Beg or barter for your neighbours or friends’ vine leaves and get cooking! Maria's […]

Ianna’s Amigdalota

This video features Ianna making her signature amigdalota – almond macaroons. Ianna’s amigdalota are sweet and crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside… and with a hint of almond essence they make a sophisticated treat. So go ahead, make some and enjoy them with friends and family over a coffee or […]

Vasiliki’s Flat Beans with Lamb

The KO kids (the children, nephews and nieces of the KO Team) are always excited about filming days, as they get to enjoy the day’s spoils. The day we filmed Vasiliki’s Flat Beans with Lamb was a Wednesday and Ilyana, Christine’s youngest enjoyed the dish so much she even offered a favourable review, “The meat […]

Toula’s Spring Lamb

Though this dish’s name might make you think otherwise, Toula’s Spring Lamb is simply bursting with green power – plentiful spinach, spring onions, dill, mint and parsley, enhanced by a tomato and lamb-infused gravy and accompanied by melt-in-your-mouth slow-roasted lamb. The next time anyone says, ‘Eat your greens!’ make Toula’s Spring Lamb and get your […]

Maria’s Platseda

Our beautiful guest Maria is from the village of Kalloni, on the island of Lesvos. As well as being an accomplished cook, Maria is also a great storyteller. When Maria first shared the Platseda recipe with us, she also shared a lovely story about bartering for orange blossom essence; an essential ingredient in the Platseda […]

Nikiforo’s Lamb on the Spit

Greek Easter is a very special time of the year, with many traditions and rituals. These include fasting, attending church, receiving communion and then feasting with family and friends. For Nikiforo, no Easter celebration is complete without personally selecting and roasting a lamb on the spit – a tradition he has embraced since his childhood […]

Evyenia’s Loukoumades

When Evyenia’s first grandchild, Eugenia, was born, Evyenia wanted to introduce a special, traditional, celebratory recipe to her repertoire. Evyenia decided upon loukoumades. She quickly mastered this recipe and made it her staple offering at every special family occasion: birthdays, Name Days, Christmas, Easter and more. Over time, Evyenia not only mastered the recipe, she […]