Ruth’s Patatopita

  POTATO, OLIVE, AND ROSEMARY PIE WITH VILLAGE PASTRY Πατατόπιτα με ελιά και δεντρολίβανο με χωριάτικο φύλλο A recipe generously shared by Ruth Bardis for the Meri Month of May 2022  from her new cookbook Simply More Greek This recipe is from Metsovo – a town in the northwestern part of Greece prized for its […]

Antigoni’s Tsouknidopita

My mum’s Tsouknidopita – Stinging Nettle Pie! 💖 In Greece my mum collected the stinging nettles along the creek beds under the magestic Meteora. In Australia, they self-seed and grow in her veggie patch in Autumn and Spring and then we are the lucky recipients of her beautiful pita creations! Over the 70 years she […]

Antigoni’s Korfopita

The filling for this pie is made with the younger shoots and flowers of the yellow-marrow plant. The name comes from the Greek word κορυφή – korifi, meaning the peak or top of something. In this case it’s the “tops of the marrow shoots.” The flavour of this pita is unique, but slightly reminiscent of […]

Antigoni’s Trahanopita (Trahana Pie)

Antigoni’s Trahanopita – a pita filled with cooked sweet trahana, feta, sugar, beaten eggs and EVOO. Sweet, salty and crunchy with some body and texture from the trahana – YUM! The pita is easy to make because there are no greens to wash ?… just get your fillo game on! Antigoni's Trahanopita  – a pita […]

Antigoni’s Sousamopita (Sesame Pie)

My yiayia Stavroula would make this sousamopita once a year, on the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – Ύψωση του Τιμίου Σταυρού – 14th September. Strict vegan fasting was observed on this important feast day. Normally my yiayia would use lard to baste her pan and her fillo sheets when she […]

Melpomeni’s Kreatopita (Meat Pie)

“I am so excited to share my Yiayia Perdikoula’s Kreatopita with you as part of the Meri Month of May! This is a meat-based pita made from my meri (my region of Greece) and is a much-loved meal in my family. Kreatopita is made all over Kefalonia and each region has its own unique version. […]

Vasiliki’s Galatopita (Milk Pie)

This KO Signature Recipe features Vasiliki, Rita’s mum, making another one of her signature desserts, Galatopita. This is a dessert Vasiliki grew up enjoying in Kastraki, where her mother and sisters made it with sheep’s milk from their family’s farm. Vasiliki’s mother-in-law taught her how to make galatopita when she came to Australia, as a […]