Vasiliki’s Galatopita – Greek Fillo Pastry Milk Pie Recipe

This KO Signature Recipe features Vasiliki, Rita’s mum, making another one of her signature desserts, Galatopita. This is a dessert Vasiliki grew up enjoying in Kastraki, where her mother and sisters made it with sheep’s milk from their family’s farm. Vasiliki’s mother-in-law taught her how to make galatopita when she came to Australia, as a […]

Vasiliki’s Greek Baklava Recipe with Fillo, Nuts, Spices and Syrup

Vasiliki, Rita’s mum, shares one of her signature desserts, baklava. This recipe is a seriously tried and tested one, as Vasiliki has been making it an average of 20-25 times per year for around 40 years! Vasiliki’s family and friends love her baklava for its perfect balance of pastry, nuts, spice and syrup. It is […]

Vasiliki’s Greek Flat Beans with Lamb Recipe

The KO kids (the children, nephews and nieces of the KO Team) are always excited about filming days, as they get to enjoy the day’s spoils. The day we filmed Vasiliki’s Flat Beans with Lamb was a Wednesday and Ilyana, Christine’s youngest enjoyed the dish so much she even offered a favourable review, “The meat […]

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