Ruth’s Pontiaka Pisia

I think I have died and gone to foodie heaven with Ruth’s Pontiaka Pisia – Pontian Filled Flatbreads by @greekfoodphotography. A forgiving dough that comes together easily, filled with feta, EVOO and oregano, fried and then drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon!!! If you roll them out large, they fry up thinner and crispier. […]

Fofi’s Stifado Me Manitaria (Mushroom and Onion Stew)

A traditional and much-loved family recipe – Fotini’s Stifado Me Manitaria is a mushroom and shallot stew from Fofi Nikolaides, from the family of Ladi Biosas λάδι βιώσας @ladi_biosas. Given Fofi and her family are producers of one of the world’s finest organic extra virgin olive oils, it makes sense that the recipe they would […]

Ruth Bardis’ Sofigado (Beef and Quince Stew)

Cookbook author, Ruth Bardis @greekfoodphotography, shares with us her recipe for Sofigado – a delicious, aromatic beef stew with sweet petimezi (grape must) and ever-so-slightly tart quince, that balances the richness of the beautiful gravy!   This dish comes from the Ionian Islands, whose cuisine has been influenced by centuries of Venetian occupation. This particular […]

Kelly’s Cretan Bougatsa

Traditionally Cretan Bougatsa is made with mizithra – a soft, ricotta-like cheese made from goat’s milk. Soft mizithra is not available outside of Greece, so Kelly has combined three cheeses and béchamel to create a similar eating experience to that of the traditional Cretan Bougatsa Kelly recreates the flavours and textures of a Cretan bougatsa […]

Theia Evdokia’s Bougatsa

Theia Evdokia shared her recipe with her neice Ros Kazakos some 40 years ago. Ros has made it ever since and has converted all the ingredients to millilitre and gram weights. This is a recipe that honours Theia Evdokia’s loving relationships and her lasting legacy! Click here for “how to” on Instagram highlights. A thick […]

Marilena’s Tiropsomo (Feta-Cheese Bread)

Marilena’s Tiropsomo is a family recipe from Epirus, Greece! A beautiful bread filled with all the goodness of Greek ingredients and flavours – feta, EVOO and dried oregano. Let this bread transport you to a breakfast buffet in Greece and the anticipation of endless Hellenic travel adventures ???????? Thank you Marilena for allowing me to […]