Stella & Ilya’s Purslane with Beef Mince

A recipe from the Politiki Kouzina Purslane/ Ανδρακλή / Γλιστρίδες / Ξινίθρες – is a green often considered a weed in gardens and erroneously discarded. When my parents-in-law lived in Istanbul, Romani people collected purslane and wild weeds like chickory and “lapata” from the hillsides outside Istanbul. They walked through the neighbourhoods of Istanbul with […]

Vicky’s Magnificent Metaxatini

“What better way to end the MMOM than with a delicious cocktail! May I introduce you to the Magnificent Metaxatini. It’s inspired by my paternal heritage (Kefalonia), love of pomegranates and Greece’s most exported spirit – @metaxa.official – found in most Greek households.

The marriage between the smoothest amber spirit under the Mediterranean sun, the tart pomegranate juice […]

Stella’s Artichokes with Carrots, Onions, Peas and Dill

My parents-in-law were born and raised as Greeks in Constantinople/Istanbul. Living in a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city and immersed in the cuisines of many, influenced their kitchen and that of others residing in that great city. This never-ending fusion of many co-existing cuisines over aeons has been termed “politiki kouzina” – food of the πόλη/city – although I prefer to interpret […]

Fofi’s Ladenia

Our 5th offering for “Starting your Day the Greek Way” is the Cycladic Pizza: LADENIA – which is shared by Fofi @fofimeli from the family of @ladi_biosas. “Ladenia is considered to be the oldest recipe for Pizza!  It gets its name, ‘Ladenia’, from the olive oil used for the preparation and whose flavour dominates. Ladenia is a local taste […]

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