Andriana’s Kotopita

Andriana shares her delicious Kotopita (Chicken Pie) with Kali Orexi. Andriana is Greek-Cypriot and learned this recipe from her cousin in Cyprus. She brought this recipe with her when she came to Australia with her husband and young family as migrants fleeing the war in Cyprus in 1974. This is a treasured family recipe that has […]

Evmorfia’s Galatopita – Crustless Greek Milk Pie Recipe

The origin and journey of a recipe… Recipes go on journeys from one person to the next, through generations, across one nation, across many nations and way beyond their origin. This is such a recipe! Evmorfia @chooks_that_cook, who resides in Melbourne, shares her Galatopita recipe with you! This recipe was shared with Evmorfia and her mother […]

Ruth’s Patatopita – Greek Potato and Fillo Pie Recipe with Feta and Olives

  POTATO, OLIVE, AND ROSEMARY PIE WITH VILLAGE PASTRY Πατατόπιτα με ελιά και δεντρολίβανο με χωριάτικο φύλλο A recipe generously shared by Ruth Bardis for the Meri Month of May 2022  from her new cookbook Simply More Greek This recipe is from Metsovo – a town in the northwestern part of Greece prized for its […]

Antigoni’s Tsouknidopita – Greek Stinging Nettle Fillo Pie Recipe

My mum’s Tsouknidopita – Stinging Nettle Pie! 💖 In Greece my mum collected the stinging nettles along the creek beds under the magestic Meteora. In Australia, they self-seed and grow in her veggie patch in Autumn and Spring and then we are the lucky recipients of her beautiful pita creations! Over the 70 years she […]

Antigoni’s Korfopita – Greek Marrow-Shoot and Flower Fillo Pie Recipe

The filling for this pie is made with the younger shoots and flowers of the yellow-marrow plant. The name comes from the Greek word κορυφή – korifi, meaning the peak or top of something. In this case it’s the “tops of the marrow shoots.” The flavour of this pita is unique, but slightly reminiscent of […]

Fillo 101 – How to make your own Greek Fillo Pastry Recipe using 2 methods

A little tutorial on 2 fillo methods that I call the Wet Fillo Method and Dry Fillo Method. The Wet Fillo Method uses a basting mixture to moisten the dough and make it super-soft for Hand-Stretching or Hand-Tossing. The Dry Fillo Method uses a dusting mixture to keep the fillo dry and stop it from […]

Antigoni’s Trahanopita – Greek Sweet-Trahana Fillo Pie Recipe

Antigoni’s Trahanopita – a pita filled with cooked sweet trahana, feta, sugar, beaten eggs and EVOO. Sweet, salty and crunchy with some body and texture from the trahana – YUM! The pita is easy to make because there are no greens to wash ?… just get your fillo game on! Antigoni's Trahanopita  – a pita […]

Antigoni’s Sousamopita – Greek Sesame and Cinnamon Fillo Pie Recipe

My yiayia Stavroula would make this sousamopita once a year, on the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – Ύψωση του Τιμίου Σταυρού – 14th September. Strict vegan fasting was observed on this important feast day. Normally my yiayia would use lard to baste her pan and her fillo sheets when she […]

Jess’ Rizopita – Greek Sweet Rice Fillo Pie Recipe

Here Jess @jesswhoamamma shares her Yiayia Maritsa’s Rizopita, a special family recipe that’s dear to her heart and brings back wonderful childhood memories. “Yiayia Maritsa’s Rizopita has a cream and vanilla-infused rice filling baked into golden, crispy, flaky fillo pastry. Served with a dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar it’s a pleasure to share and […]

Melpomeni’s Kreatopita – Greek Meat Fillo Pie Recipe

“I am so excited to share my Yiayia Perdikoula’s Kreatopita with you as part of the Meri Month of May! This is a meat-based pita made from my meri (my region of Greece) and is a much-loved meal in my family. Kreatopita is made all over Kefalonia and each region has its own unique version. […]

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