Dimitra’s Pasteli

Kali Orexi Sharing our Greek culinary heritage through video and stories. Pasteli 2

Dimitria @energize_pilates loves to move and she loves to cook! Here Dimitria shares her recipe for pasteli – a Greek Sesame, Nut & Honey Slice – with her fun and funky vibe. This recipe was shared with her by her mother’s friend, also named Dimitria. She regularly makes this delicious, nutty treat for family and friends to […]

Melpomeni’s Ekmek

A recipe lovingly shared by @melpomeni.matthews Photographs shared by Melpomeni Matthews Melpomeni’s Ekmek Kataïfi is a multi-layered textural and flavour delight – stringy, syrupy, nuttiness at the base, layered with smooth vanilla custard and then covered with whipped cream and a sprinkling of nuts. Pure deliciousness in a slice… or two! This is always a favourite […]

Eleni’s Cypriot Breakfast

Starting your day the Greek-Cypriot way with Eleni @myfamilysfooddiary!!!! Thank you Eleni for sharing this mouth-watering, delicious, wholesome and satiating breakfast spread with the Meri Month of May 2023!!! 🙏💗🙏💗🙏💗🙏 Cypriot “mpoukkoma” refers to eating a variety of bite size foods. My favorite way of eating 😊😊😊 This is my contribution to the types of […]

Stella & Ilya’s Purslane with Beef Mince

A recipe from the Politiki Kouzina Purslane/ Ανδρακλή / Γλιστρίδες / Ξινίθρες – is a green often considered a weed in gardens and erroneously discarded. When my parents-in-law lived in Istanbul, Romani people collected purslane and wild weeds like chickory and “lapata” from the hillsides outside Istanbul. They walked through the neighbourhoods of Istanbul with […]

Vicky’s Magnificent Metaxatini

“What better way to end the MMOM than with a delicious cocktail! May I introduce you to the Magnificent Metaxatini. It’s inspired by my paternal heritage (Kefalonia), love of pomegranates and Greece’s most exported spirit – @metaxa.official – found in most Greek households.

The marriage between the smoothest amber spirit under the Mediterranean sun, the tart pomegranate juice […]

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