Vasiliki was born in Kastraki, home to the Meteora in Thessaly, Greece.  The youngest of six children, she was the only one to move to Australia in 1965 with her husband Nikiforo.  Since then, Vasiliki and her family have made Melbourne, Victoria their home for all but seven years, which were spent in Cooma, New South Wales.  Vasiliki has two children (including Kali Orexi’s Rita), a daughter-in-law, three much-loved grandchildren and a large extended family in Greece.

Vasiliki has extensive cooking experience working in cafes, restaurants and reception halls, including the Alpine Café (Cooma), Miramare Restaurant and Meteora Receptions (both in Melbourne) and a lifetime of cooking for her family and friends.  She relishes the opportunity to express her love for her family and friends through weekly family dinners and frequent celebratory feasts. At these times, you can see and feel her great pleasure and satisfaction, as she watches her family and friends savour and enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Vasiliki’s signature dishes include spanakopita (spinach pie), galatopita (milk custard pie) and baklava.  In addition to making her family’s favourite dishes, many taught to her by her mother and mother-in-law, Vasiliki loves expanding her repertoire by watching others, including her fellow Kali Orexi guests, make their family favourites.