Pamela was born and raised in Melbourne. Her parents migrated to Australia with their parents from Sparta and Kalamata in Greece’s Peloponnese in the 1960’s.

Pam has always been creative; enjoying art and craft from a young age. As a young woman, she explored and experimented with makeup artistry and found it fulfils many personal and creative goals; she enjoys connecting with people and using her artistic skills to help others express the best version of themselves.

Pam’s never-ending artistic inspiration comes from both her own life experiences, and from working along side other creatives in the make-up and fashion industries. Pam’s work allows her to combine her love for colour, fashion and collaboration with other creatives, to achieve stunning results for her clients.

Pam’s creativity also extends to cooking. The heart of Pam’s family home has always been the kitchen and many precious moments have been shared in that space with both her mother and grandmother. Pam has taken the time to watch and learn family recipes from both and has even recorded the recipes in her own hand-made recipe book. As with many recipes from her yiayia’s generation, there were never exact measures and ingredient quantities were always judged with the eye ‘με το μάτι.’ Pam hasn’t developed this ability yet, but she has managed to quantify the ingredients for many of her yiayia’s recipes and is easily able to replicate them this way. Pam has practiced and truly mastered many of her mum’s and grandmother’s dishes, but she feels there are still a few that need a little more practice to perfect.

When Pam has travelled to Greece, she really feels like it is her second spiritual home; the people’s warmth and generosity, the rich history and culture and all the beautiful food have a reassuring familiarity and create a sense of belonging. Pam’s love and passion for people and her heritage motivates her strongly to keep family traditions and recipes alive. She says, ‘Food brings us all together, sharing stories, filling our tummies, mostly laughing and having a great time.”

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