Evyenia was born in Plati, Kalamata, Greece. The youngest of six children, she grew up in a poor but loving family. She migrated to Australia in 1962, bringing with her the comfort foods of home – familial recipes made by her mother and grandmother. The flavours and aromas of these recipes brought reassurance and sanity in an unfamiliar land, as she worked with her husband and brought up her two children (including Kali Orexi’s Kathy).

After Evyenia’s father passed away in Greece, she brought her mother out to Australia for a short visit. The short visit lasted 24 years! Evyenia and her mother were both passionate cooks and together they kept the extended family well-nourished. Through their cooking, which they made with an enormous dose of love, they also instilled in their family the importance of heritage and culture and how these can bring loved ones close together.

Evyenia hopes that her family recipes and their stories, continue to weave their magic into future generations, long after she is gone.

My Recipes