Rita Tsourvakas

Rita was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1970 to Greek parents, Vasiliki and Nikiforo who were both born in the picturesque village of Kastraki. She spent her childhood serving customers in her parents’ cafes and setting tables in their restaurants and reception hall. Throughout her life, she has also been heavily involved in planning, preparing and co-hosting family feasts and celebrations.

Rita’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with Honours and a Master of Business Administration. Rita’s work experience encompasses 20 years of business planning, project management, and research and analysis roles in large corporations. With this business background Rita helped create structure and processes for KO, a challenge she absolutely thrived on.

As a novice cook, with parents who are both fabulous cooks, Rita was genuinely concerned that family favourites, including spanakopita (spinach pie), galatopita (milk custard pie), baklava and lamb gyros would be lost if she didn’t make an attempt to learn how to prepare these dishes for herself. Rita was meticulous in documenting her parents’ signature recipes for KO and successfully hosted many of them.

Rita also has a keen editorial eye – a trait she shares with Christine – and together they created and refined all the written copy on the website.

Rita loved being involved with Kali Orexi, as it enabled her to combine her educational background, corporate skills and intrinsic research and planning attributes with her passion for family, friends and food.