Kathy Velakoulis

Kathy is a born and bred Melbournian who started off her professional life as a pharmacist, owning two businesses in inner Melbourne for over 12 years. Her passion for styling and design has been a constant in her life, with shop windows and counter displays always as important as the dispensing!

After redefining the aesthetic of modern pharmacies and successfully reinvigorating her businesses, Kathy sold them to focus her energies on her growing family; her husband and four children. At the same time, she continued to nurture and utilise her creative flair with family and friends, helping them style everything from rooms, to houses, to events.

Food and family form the epicentre of Kathy’s world, so when asked to join the Kali Orexi team (Christine, Rita and Carlos – affectionately known as the “KO Team”), she was thrilled to take up the challenge. Kathy brought a unique aesthetic to KO’s styling – with her treasure trove of props and the finished KO dish, she created amazing complex, textural landscapes for KO’s photographic images and brought a fresh, yet refined design direction for the film set. Her styling influence and legacy will live on in KO!

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