Vasiliki’s Galatopita – Latest Video

This month’s KO Signature Recipe features Vasiliki making another one of her signature desserts, Galatopita. Although there are many variations of galatopita, this is truly one of the very best around – with its crispy, crunchy fillo; thick, creamy custard and a hint of cinnamon. It really is irresistible – especially when it has cooled just enough to set the custard, but is still warm and a little oozy!

KO’s Melitzanosalata

This month Eugene, who usually goes behind the camera, is going in front of the camera and presenting KO’s Melitzanosalata! Eugene learned how to make this dip during a trip to Santorini, over a decade ago, where he received a personal and impromptu lesson on grilling and smoking eggplants at Captain John’s Tavern, an isolated tavern on the beach-side of the island at that time.
Eugene has now taught our eldest to make this dip and he in turn has taught his friends, who in turn have taught their parents. Yes, it’s that good, that everyone wants to learn how to make it! Watch, learn, prepare it yourself and see how many people you inspire to learn to make this simple, yet delicious dip!

KO’s Ntomatofai

This is a recipe I have learnt from my mum, Antigoni, and one she learnt from her mother, Stavroula. It has now become one of my signature dishes and all my family and friends become very excited and animated when I prepare it. This recipe was, in fact, the catalyst for the creation of Kali Orexi. I was holding out for my mum to share this recipe with you, but she is a little camera-shy. So instead, I am sharing it with you. It takes a bit of time and lots of love to make, but the love will come back to you many times over when you share it. Try it and see!